Frills: ‘We Can Be Friends’

New York based Kiwis Dan Gibson and Simon Oscroft have been teaming up as Frills for a while, and they’ve released another catchy ditty in time for the summer.

‘We Can Be Friends’ has a timeless melody, and it shows off the duo’s knack for solid pop writing. It instantly sounds like something you’ve heard before (and liked), and feels like a little shot of happiness. All their songs have a dreamy feeling, while still managing to feel like modern anthems.

Frills have had a prolific year, they’ve released four singles and racked up over 2 million Spotify streams. The duo have also been writing and producing for a range of other artists, including all-girl American band The Aces.

They’ve also given us a sneak peak into their recording process, releasing a video that shows them making their last tune ‘Dam Girl’. Watch the video and listen to the track below.