French Concession: ‘Moon Palace’

Christchurch-based artist French Concession has been creating dreamy, experimental pop music since 2009. Her latest offering ‘Moon Palace’ is an otherworldly, dreamy tune that is beautifully idiosyncratic.

Her real name is Elle Chau Yin Chi, and the Chinese artist has spent time in Hong Kong, Barcelona, Singapore, Nepal and Tokyo. She now lives in Waikuku Beach, Canterbury where she crafts her intricate tunes.

French Concession’s music is art-pop, and sits somewhere between Grimes and Björk. In ‘Moon Palace’ her gentle vocals are layered over brass, a strong beat, and bubbling synth arpeggios.

She says, “‘Moon Palace' is one of those songs that came to me naturally and out of a moment of inspiration. I introduced the use of brass instruments as a feature, which is sort of rare in my music production. It suits the 'scenery' of the track, as I imagine a welcoming band of horns and trumpets upon us the listeners entering into a grand 'moon palace.'

“There are a lot of fantasy myths about the moon in the East, including in China and Japan, and they often portray the moon as a place where time stops and beings live forever. I hope listeners are able to escape their reality for a moment and enter a fantasy world when listening to this song."

Her next EP will be called ‘Empress’, and it’s due out early next year. Listen to ‘Moon Palace’ below: