Four for Friday: Mixed Sweeties

Wayfarer //: 'Why'd You Let Me Out' (ft. NOVAA)
Melbourne producer Wayfarer is a renaissance man of beats; finding inspiration in everything from dusty samples to rattling 808 hi-hats, soaring synths and live instrumentation, his stuff walks a fine line between the overtly polished dancefloor and bedroom tomfoolery. The sound is organic and huge, complimenting guest vocalist NOVAA's warm tones perfectly.

Letargik - 'Stars on the Screen'

"The stars on the screen will never understand
The trial of a modern man in a modern life
Keep telling myself
That I’m worth more than this
Gracefully incompatible"

Again with the Melbourne songwriters. Letargik manages to imagine what a goth M83 would sound like. His world-weary voice, soaked in reverb recalls a poetic tale of ambition and heartbreak over beautifully strident middle-of-the-night roadtrip beats.

Angharad Drake: 'Baby'
It looks like 23 year old Brisbane songstress Angharad Drake has been beating a steady path to her accomplished folk sound. Channeling luminaries like Joni MItchell and contemporaries like our own Nadia Reid, Drake sound is miles beyond her years, haunting and heart-rending. Listen to more here.

Maison Hall: 'Plain Life Pt.1'
This Brisbane duo recorded their debut LP in a broken down hall in Queensland. Priding themselves on nothing but live instruments and emotion, 'Plain Life' is really their crowning glory - a throwback to when bands bled onstage, creating crescendos with nothing but raw passion, crashing cymbals and heavily strummed guitars. This track is a stunning trip straight off a cliff and into the night sky, with soaring vocals and swirling guitars that break into distorted open chorus.