Five for Friday

We've scoured the globe (er, electronically) to find you some new music. Check out five of our best picks, and add them to your Friday night playlist.

Burma: 'You and I'
This 5-piece from St. Albans in the UK sprinkle their sprightly indie sound with glittering 80's guitars and laid-back vocal harmonies. It may be cold outside, but it's sunny in here.
'You and I' is your first listen from the band's upcoming self-titled EP. Keep in touch with 'em on Facebook for more.

Trading Alaska: 'WTWCCD'
Tyler, the Canadian artist behind the Trading Alaska moniker calls his music "Indietronica with shoegaze influenced guitars, 80's synths, and lyrics that are introspective and abstract." 
While that pretty much sums it up, we're also sold on the generous soaking of bedroom reverb that washes 'WTWCCD', and earnest vocals that beg the question "what if Owl City was an emo band?"
Whatever he's selling, we're buying it.

Sandals: 'Polished'
While we're in the lo-fi bedroom state, give Canadian duo Sandals a go. The distant, sweet vocals and shimmering guitar work is perfect for fans of Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing.

Noa Bentor: 'Fall In Love With Me'
Be it because of Trump or the weather, sometimes you just need to fall into an afternoon dream and remind yourself of the purity of love and childhood. All the way from Israel, Noa Bentor trades in beautiful, folky nostalgia that'll make you feel that all's well with the world in just over four minutes.

Bokeh: 'I Know You Know'
Another member of the increasing cadre of Kiwi ex-pats making waves abroad, Bokeh is the moniker of New Zealand-raised, Berlin-based actress/musician, Chloë Lewer. 'I Know You Know' sounds like waking up from a dream, with Lewer's vocals blissfully sailing above a track that begins in quiet, building intensity into a digital wash punctuated by gritty bass stabs.