FINNEAS: ‘I’m In Love Without You’

Billie Eilish’s older brother FINNEAS has started releasing his own solo material, and it’s flippin’ good.

FINNEAS (Finneas O’Connell) has been writing and producing for his little sister Eilish since 2015, and her moody pop has slowly been taking over the world ever since. He also plays in her band, and the duo have recently been in New Zealand to perform at The Powerstation.

His own work is slightly dreamier and more ambient, and we’re digging his second track ‘I’m In Love Without You’.

Built over a layered bed of his own vocals, the song builds slowly, as FINNEAS sings like a seasoned pro about heartache and loss. You can hear a little bit of SOHN in what he’s doing, and he has a killer falsetto.

Raised by liberal actor parents, these two make a great case for homeschooling, and both seem to be pretty much unstoppable these days.

Listen here to ‘I’m In Love Without You’: