Feels on a Friday

Joel Lester: 'Young Yesterday'
The rise of the bedroom producer has given the music industry a lot; namely, the chance for musicians to make uncomplicated, raw snapshots of their songwriting process. There's a charm to Kiwi songwriter Joel Lester's stuff - it's unpolished in a good way, immediate, and a window into the process of an emerging songwriter with an authentic voice and a knack for a great nostalgic vibe. "Sunsets with old friends make sense to me" Lester croons over an experimental palette of acoustic guitar strums and shimmery alt-psych flourishes. Perfect front porch music.

Sarsha Simone: 'Daydream'
Aussie R&B firebrand Sarsha Simone's catching some heat across the ditch, and it's not hard to see why. It's a rare find to discover an artist who's aesthetic is so fully formed, from her music to her visual representation. 'Daydream' is an infectious, pulsing girlpower anthem about the true price of chasing your dream, and the determination to grab it at all costs. Don't go getting in her way, and stick around for the extended breakdown at the end of the track, complete with distorted jazz flute.

The Howl & The Hum - 'Godmanchester Chinese Bridge'
This one's for the kids who successfully transitioned into emo adulthood via the likes of Dashboard Confessional, still hankering for the odd emotional cathartic tune.
All the way from York, UK, The Howl & The Hum's sentimental track 'Godmanchester Chinese Bridge', is a real slow burner, starting out with as subtly as a Damien Rice song, building into a sucker-punch liftoff. It's got beauty, angst, release, the whole thing - the home-video inspired montage will hit you in the feels too.