Father John Misty Releases ‘Generic Pop Songs’

Oh man, these are worth a good listen to.

Musical prankster (and talented songwriter / former Fleet Foxes drummer) Father John Misty has been pulling a number of humorous stunts to promote his upcoming album ‘Pure Comedy’.

First, there was the unboxing video, which showed him opening up the vinyl packaging for ‘Pure Comedy’ in a pretty emotional way.

Then he spoke to Pitchfork, casually referring to the pop stars he’s written songs for (Lady Gaga and Beyonce). He explained somewhat seriously, “If you think that pop stars are anything other than prisoners, then you are f****** kidding yourself. I know them. They are crying for help in their music.”

More recently, Mr Misty released three hilarious songs on his Soundcloud, titled ‘Generic Pop Song #9’, ‘Generic Pop Song #3’, and ‘Generic Pop Song #16’.

#9 is our favourite, with some of the most clichèd (but alllmost passable) lyrics we’ve heard in ages.

Thanks for the quality lols, Father John. Listen below, and here and here.