Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Drunken Glory’ Movement

Word is on the street that Minneapolis is experiencing a revival of sorts, and people are likening it to the 90’s revivals that happened in Florida and Toronto; where church-goers looked like they were inebriated and high purely off the power of God.

A bunch of YouTube channels have started popping up preaching about the phenomenon, and VICE Magazine recently went to the area to interview some of the movement’s leaders; including the man behind the popular ‘Red Letter Ministries’ YouTube Brandon Barthrop.

Barthrop is an ex-meth addict living in Minneapolis; an area known for having the highest concentration of both drug addicts and churches in America.

VICE explain, “Brandon and his posse of waifs, strays and ex-addicts spend their days sniffing ‘diamond oil’ and tripping out to the sound of Brandon's YouTube preaching. Christian EDM DJs down the road are going to raves and attempting to ‘heal’ clubbers high on drugs, and mega-churches run by rehab charities like Teen Challenge are preaching the drunken glory to thousands.”

The doco starts with Barthrop encouraging VICE’s interviewer to snort some Frankincense, and he then shows off his sticker collection which includes slogans such as “GODKA” and “HOLY HAMMERED”. He explains, “There’s no high like the Most High”.

It then shows Barthrop hosting a gathering at his home (which he has aptly named ‘the crack house’) where attendees appear to smoke invisible drugs, inhaling the air, and talking about getting high on the Holy Spirit.

While it’s definitely a fringe movement happening in Christianity (with some pretty interesting merchandise), VICE’s interviewer eventually admits to Barthrop, “I’m kind of jealous to be honest, I want a miracle.”

Watch the fascinating short doco here.