E^ST: ‘Life Goes On’

19 year old Australian singer E^ST is building serious momentum with her latest single ‘Life Goes On’, and rightly so. It’s a perfect dance-pop tune that instantly hits you in the feels.

Singing about nostalgia, and letting go of someone who used to be in her life, E^ST breaks out into a chant in the choruses that instantly feels universal. Those pianos are giving us a slightly French, Petite Meller vibe too.

E^ST co-wrote the song with Ellie Goulding collaborator Jim Elliot while she was travelling through the UK, and recently explained, “As soon as Jim played that piano line I knew what I wanted to write about. It's something very personal to me, about ghosts that aren't physically with you anymore but still leave an impression. It's admitting to missing someone but accepting that you have to let go of people sometimes."

The singer (whose real name is Melisa Bester) was recently interviewed by Zane Lowe on Beats 1, and she’s been doing a bunch of club shows around Aussie. She’ll also be stopping in to play a show in Auckland on December 19.

And to get a taste of what she’s like live, check out the incredible cover she did of The Verve on Triple J a couple of years ago. Those are some seriously flawless vocals.

Watch the video for ‘Life Goes On’ below: