East of My Youth: 'Go Home'

We've raved about them before, but it seems that Icelandic duo East of My Youth is on to another winner, with their majestic down-tempo tune 'Go Home'.

Opening with the gently pulsing synths of composer Herdís Stefánsdóttir, the track starts stripped back, featuring vocalist Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir’s rich vocal at the fore, before easing into a phased out bass line and a gang vocal chorus. 

The pair have nailed a beautiful dynamic, between Stefánsdóttir off-kilter production and Jónsdóttir's vocal - their sound is nostalgic without being intentionally so; as if the sensibilities of the 80's have leaked gently into their songs, informing their leftfield pop. 

It sounds like the duo had a blast making 'Go Home' too. Talking about the track, Herdís explains “I was sitting in the studio and playing around on my MicroKorg synth, listening to A$AP Rocky. The song came really easily. We were in such a good mood the we went downtown and Thelma bought herself new shoes and then we went back to the studio and had some wine and danced.”

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