David Bazan: Into The Grey

"If ever there were a spokesman for those suffering from the God-sick blues, David Bazan is it."
- American Songwriter

Children of the heady 90s Christian Indie era will remember songwriter David Bazan as frontman of Pedro the Lion; the seminal band that paved the way for the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Dashboard Confessional. Bazan seemed to straddle the fine line between faith and doubt, making him an unlikely champion for Christian kids deconstructing their faith.

In the early 2000s, Bazan, plagued by questions about God he couldn't answer, publicly left the Christian faith, disbanding Pedro and embarking on a journey that would see him write some of his most profound and wounded indie psalms, delivering them in lounge rooms across America.

Fortuitously, some good friends followed Bazan into his dark night of the soul, cameras in tow, filming him for two years. The result, in the words of filmmaker Brandon Vedder is "a stunning film about art, faith, and the courage to break ranks in search of truth. The footage we've captured, along with Dave’s 20 year body of work give the audience a front row seat to the heartbreakingly intimate process of a man losing his faith, his worldview, and slogging eyes open through the stages of grief."

Brandon, whose first film was the live concert film 'Pearl Jam: Live at the Garden' promises the film won't be pushing any agendas:

"It's not a takedown piece meant to insult people of faith, nor a fluff piece meant to prop up easy orthodoxies." says Vedder, "The tone will match Dave's humble, thoughtful, yet challenging style as it explores the journey from faithfulness to unbelief. We'll dig into all the doubt in-between without an axe to grind. We're interested in the complicated beauty of all the grays of life at a time when black and white answers feel fleeting."

The film, titled 'Strange Negotiations' is currently seeking support on Kickstarter for its final stages - it's past its target, but it's worth getting involved. 

Check out the film and teaser video on Kickstarter.

Listen to Bazan's new album 'Care' below.