Daily J: 'The Other Side'

It's about that time of the year when you fire up the rusted-over barbie, dust off the frisbee and start fumbling through Spotify for summer jams. 

Luckily for you, there's a new outfit on the scene promising some of the most infectious, beachy tunes.

You might recognise Daily J from their previous life as The Gap, winners of the Parachute Song Grant a couple of years ago, with their breezy tune 'Super Killer'. The band, made up of three brothers originally hail from the South Island, boasting a bunch of eclectic tastes, ranging from Six60 to Kings of Leon and Mac Demarco. The trio, recently relocated to a makeshift flat in a Kingsland office building and have just released their super-catchy summery EP 'The Other Side'.

It’s not that Daily J defy genres as much as they let the music serve their emotions, expressing themselves through indie/psych leanings, and often pulling out the saxophone when the mood calls. Their aesthetic is equally as organic; the EP was recorded in frontman Jayden’s bedroom and mixed by Nic Manders (Katchafire, Brooke Fraser). 

Check out their EP below, and follow the fellas on Facebook.