Daggy Man: 'A Lazy Kind of Pain'

A while ago we raved about Brisbane singer-songwriter Thomas Calder, aka Daggy Man. The unassuming release of his dreamy single 'Suffer Through the Bleed' was a transporting, intimate slice of bedroom folk.

Calder, who's had a past life as a gentler Tom Waits in his previous outfit The Trouble With Templeton, has dialled up the introspection and heartbreak on his new Daggy Man release 'A Lazy Kind of Pain', and man, we cannot get enough.

The first thing that strikes you about 'A Lazy Kind of Pain' is the almost imperceptible; there's a homegrown warmth to the recordings that seem to reach through the barrier between artist and listener. The tunes are the sound of lazily strummed guitars, instrumental tinkerings and heart-on-your-sleeve poetry.  

Speaking of poetry, Calder's doing some beautiful lyric reveals on his Instagram too. 

For anyone who has loved the unforced soundscapes of artists like Owen, Calder is a godsend. Opening track 'Little Whip' is equal parts rainy day contentment and closing scenes of a teary departure. There's something disarming about his voice, and immediate about the music that serves it.

If we may gush philosophically a bit, it seems we're living in a world increasingly hemmed in by noise, business and overwhelming demands - it's the stuff that makes practices like mindfulness and meditation the new 21st Century salve. 

Or you could just tune out to some Daggy Man - it begs that kind of pause and rest.