Cosmo’s Midnight: ‘Mind Off’

Australian duo Cosmo’s Midnight have released the video for their latest tune ‘Mind Off’, and it’s a goodun.

The twin brothers are total stars in the clip; getting driven around by a snazzy chauffeur, burglarizing a couple of mansions and then falling under the spell of an entrancing painting. It’s another classic look at their eccentric humour and great taste (if you want to see more, see them ride scooters in tracksuits in this glorious number).

The Sydney duo signed to American label RCA Records earlier in the year, and told Billboard that they are slowly and meticulously working on an album.

“We’ve got some songs laid out, but we aren’t going to settle for anything being less than perfect. We have a playlist we keep updating every week with tracks we make that we like. The ones that stay in there for months are the ones worth working on and continuing with. That’s the process… filtering out stuff and going from there.”

On their latest track ‘Mind Off’, Cosmo’s Midnight collaborated with the singer from UK band Kudu Blue, who delivers a soulful vocal over their funk-driven production.

It’s hard to box them into a genre, and they skip and weave around styles like there’s no tomorrow; but they’re a strong part of Australia’s thriving electronic scene which has produced talents like Flume, Wave Racer and Basenji.

Watch the amusing video for ‘Mind Off’ below: