Coachella Song Premieres

Love or loathe the flower crowns and bindis that get toted out each year, Coachella is one of the most influential music festivals on the planet. This year, we’ve been treated to a whole host of new music from Coachella performers releasing singles on the stage for the very first time. Here are some of the best:

Lorde: ‘Homemade Dynamite’
Kiwi icon Lorde dropped a brand new single ‘Homemade Dynamite’ during her first Coachella performance. Rolling Stone magazine instantly said it, "bounced with breathless confidence, powered by attitude and pop hooks," and that it might even rival her mega hit ‘Royals’.

We’re a fan of the onomatopoeia when she sings “Dy-dy-dy-dynamite”, and she sounds really Kiwi when she sings “Awesome, right?”.

Tove Lo: ‘The Struggle’
Swedish singer Tove Lo debuted her new track ‘The Struggle’ during her first festival set, before getting it out on digital platforms everywhere. Smart move.

She also announced that the song is part of the upcoming second instalment of her album, ‘Lady Wood’.

Lo proves once again that she’s a master of big chorus hooks, and she made some great neon lighting choices on that stage. We can see why Max Martin previously enlisted her songwriting help on his Swedish team; her melodies are king and this song gives us a slightly 70s melancholic pop vibe. Nice one.

Lady Gaga: The Cure
When Gaga dropped this in her Coachella set, it was certainly a shock. After going full Country Americana with her last album ‘Joanne’, this song stood out like a sore thumb with it’s on-trend finger snaps and EDM synths. However, once the chorus hits you can’t deny that this song is huge. It’s serving us major 90s Mariah Carey vibes, and is filled with satisfying hooks.

Reviews are divided, with Billboard magazine saying, “the song represents such a radical stylistic shift from Gaga's preceding album that it feels like an abrupt course correction, meant to build momentum ahead of her summer tour.”

Kendrick Lamar: ‘DAMN’
Kendrick Lamar had officially released his album ‘DAMN’ just before Coachella, but he used the festival to debut the new work to his eager fans. The album’s new, monster single ‘Humble’ closed his set, and it seemed like half his crowd already knew the words. It’s a total banger. You’ll want to listen on repeat. With celebrity viewers in the audience from Lana Del Rey to Katy Perry, he’s a major force to be reckoned with