Chelsea Jade: ‘Ride Or Cry’

We’re calling it, this is Chelsea Jade’s year. The Kiwi singer has been swiftly dropping pop singles in quick succession and they just keep getting better.

Her latest release is the synth-laden ‘Ride Or Cry’. Produced by Leroy Clampitt, this might be the poppiest song we’ve heard from Jade yet.

With high-wailing melodies that sound like Anna Of The North, pulsing synth bass, and melodies that would make a Scandinavian proud; ‘Ride Of Cry’ is the perfect tune for the Spotify age.

We just hope she has more dance moves up her sleeve for this song’s video.

Jade recently told NYLON how Lorde has been encouraging her to become a ‘lion’ and put an album out. When asked by the magazine if she feels more confident now she said, “I do. The transition was really subtle, but I did really feel, like, in terms of music, I feel like I might be really good at it?”

Listen to ‘Ride Or Cry’ here: