Chelsea Jade: ‘Life Of The Party’

Chelsea Jade has been making big strides. After relocating from Auckland to LA a couple of years ago, she’s found herself in a tight-knit musical community and is gearing up to release her debut album.

She’s just dropped her latest single, ‘Life Of The Party’ and it’s effortless, perfect pop.

Produced by prince of Pirongia Leroy Clampitt (another ex-pat living in LA), ‘Life Of The Party’ has Jade sounding the most confident she has yet. With her trademark breathy vocals, it’s a catchy and unapologetic pop banger about being socially awkward.

We’re a fan of the lyrics, which include: “Got gravel embedded in my hands, caught myself falling for a concrete planner.”

Also, that bass line is perfectly bounce-y. It just works.

Jade explains releasing the track, “This is a big deal for me because I love this work so much… Have you ever felt like you aren’t built to socialize with more than one person at a time, and often that person is just yourself?”

We hear you, girl. Listen to ‘Life Of The Party’ here: