Canon Blue: 'Beholden'

It seems that the Nashville music scene has managed to whittle eight degrees of separation down to just a couple. Case in point, Daniel James. The man behind the moniker Canon Blue seems to know everyone, enlisting members of Grizzly Bear to help finish his records, starting radio shows with members of Efterklang, and finding time for a jaunt down to New Zealand to produce a HalfNoise album.

Now, after what seems like a bit of a creative lull, James aka Canon Blue is back, with upcoming record 'Lasso Yo'.

...and don't worry, he can explain the album name.

"I had randomly found a bunch of large plastic letters in a dumpster that used to be the sign to a storefront" James writes on his Facebook page. "At the time, I lived with a bunch of people and whenever we would have a party, friends would always bring the letters out and arrange them into phrases and leave them in the backyard. The morning after one of the parties, I came outside and someone had spelled out “Lasso Yo” against the back fence."

James has released the lead single from the album, 'Beholden', it's a mash-up of tropical beats (steel drums even), closely layered vocals and electronic flourishes. It's a step away from his earlier stuff, but it's a breezy listen.

James writes: "'Beholden' is the first song on the record and is symbolic in the way that it sets the stage of what’s to come. Life only moves in one direction, and you can either accept the reality and truth of your life, or you can live in denial in a futile fight against it. Self acceptance is the great work for us all."

Check out 'Beholden', and pre-order the album below.