BOYBOY: ‘Afraid’

New Zealand wunderkind BOYBOY (aka Sam McCarthy) has released a new track, which he worked on with fellow LA-based-Kiwi’s Chelsea Jade and Leroy Clampitt.

‘Afraid’ sounds like 90’s dream-pop, with dissonant chords and a stabbing melody. Also, that bass just sounds wrong (in a really right way). It’s a classy, weird vibe which makes for the best kind of pop.

Singing, “Maybe I am going crazy, things are crazy lately”, McCarthy owns up to not being able to fake things most of the time.

He told music blog Gorilla Vs. Bear, “I wanted to say ‘afraid’ so many times that the word started to lose it’s power because to me, fear in a controllable form, can be a great source of energy.”

Since Pitchfork first noticed his quirky pop, BOYBOY has been releasing a steady stream of music and we can’t wait to hear more.

Listen below: