Billie Eilish: ‘COPYCAT’

15-year-old pop wonder Billie Eilish has released a huge new single, ‘COPYCAT’, calling out all the wannabes that try to imitate what she does.

The trap inspired tune shows a newly self-assured attitude from Eilish, as she affirms her place in the world and uninvites those who don’t deliver their own creativity.

We’re 100% here for that chorus melody, which sounds like it’s paying tribute to early 2000’s Destiny’s Child, with slick R&B harmonies.

Eilish is building a huge following, especially after dropping the incredible music video for her last single ‘Bellyache’ in March. The video now has over 2 million views.

Her vocals are consistently perfect, with a jazzy drawl that may draw some slight Lorde comparisons; but her songs definitely have an unexpected edge of their own.

Listen to ‘COPYCAT’ here: