Billie Eilish: ‘Bellyache’

LA singer Billie Eilish has been called ‘pop’s next It Girl’ (by Vogue), and the 15 year old singer has just dropped her latest tune ‘Bellyache’.

With rhythmic acoustic guitar and tropical hip hop beats, Eilish masterfully delivers playful lyrics on this one; singing about bubblegum and then adding “I’m too young to go to jail”.

Her polished vocals sound mature beyond her years; but having your first song go viral at 13 years old would probably do that to you.

Eilish co-writes her stuff with her older brother Finneas O'Connell, and recently explained to Interview Magazine, “It makes it a lot easier [to write with my brother] for a lot of reasons. We take criticism really well, so he'll do something and I'll be like, "No. That's terrible," and he'll be like, "Okay. You're right." And it's the same way with me. When you work with some people, you don't really have that trust with them.”

Listen to the infectiously catchy ‘Bellyache’ here: