Big Thief: 'Mythological Beauty'

Brooklyn band Big Thief have announced the title of their upcoming album (‘Capacity’), and they’ve just released the video for their hauntingly beautiful new song ‘Mythological Beauty’.

The video, which is set on the grounds of a winery in Marlboro, is a cinematic short film that grapples with life and death, and the ultimate bonds of family. With intimate lyrics, ‘Mythological Beauty’ has vocalist Adrienne Lenker reimagining her childhood from a different perspective.

In an interview with Pitchfork, Lenker explained that she had a turbulent upbringing, with her parents joining a cult in Indianapolis. After leaving the cult, her family lived in 14 different houses before she was 8 years old, and at one point her father sold all their possessions.

She explains, “I’m not quite sure if I’m writing the songs from myself to my future child, or to my inner child, or from my mother to me.”

Whoever she’s writing these songs from, the music is beautiful and hits you right in the feels.

Big Thief’s sophomore album ‘Capacity’ is out on June 9. Watch the ‘Mythological Beauty’ video here: