Bic's Best Bits

We were stoked to hear that Bic Runga will be honoured at this year’s VNZMA’s, with the NZ Herald Legacy Award.

Here are our five favourite moments from the prolific songbird, who’s been in the spotlight since she first burst onto the scene in 1997.

1. 'Sway'. No matter how many times we call the bank, get put on hold, and have to wait through ‘Sway’; we’ll never tire of this Kiwi classic. The song was featured in American Pie and Cruel Intentions, fills us with nostalgia, and it has a perfect chorus melody.

2. Bic Runga self-produced her first three albums, writes most of her own material, and learned to play drums at age 11. She also plays piano and guitar, and is a general boss

3. She collaborated with folk singer Tiny Ruins last year, for their nationwide tour together. The duo also performed some stunning tracks together for RNZ, like this performance of Runga’s song ‘I Dreamed A Dream’. Chills.

4. She’s a bit of a fashion icon, who always looks timelessly cool. Case in point: her Zambesi outfit to the 2011 VNZMA’s.


5. Her 2002 song ‘Get Some Sleep’ is hugely relatable, and feels like the perfect Kiwi summer road trip jam.

We love your work, Bic.