Bic Runga: ‘Close Your Eyes’

Iconic songwriter Bic Runga has just released her latest single, and it’s a groovy little psych-pop number.

Produced by her partner-in-crime Kody Nielson, ‘Close Your Eyes’ features Nielson’s trademark 60’s drumming style, vintage synths and dreamy melodies. It’s the first track Runga’s released from her upcoming record, which will also be titled ‘Close Your Eyes’.

Runga told the NZ Herald, “I had been struggling to work on new music when they let me know [about the award], so I finished the album with a new feeling of confidence and urgency. I learned that I wanted more from music, that I didn’t like the feeling that it was all in the past. I’m grateful for that feeling.”

Watch the ‘Close Your Eyes’ video below.