Bespin: ‘East Of Her’

Hot on the heels of announcing they’ll be performing at Brisbane’s Big Sound festival next month, Auckland trio Bespin have released a brand new single.

The five-and-a-half minute jam, titled ‘East Of Her’, begins with spacey drone sounds as frontman Jonathan Lee’s vocals saunter over. It’s a laid back, brooding track, with a polished mix and captivating vibe.

Lee explains, “I found the guitar line one night, and the rest just fell around it almost immediately. I knew how I wanted it to sound — and how the song itself went — much faster than my norm. It's a special song to me, playing on those themes of distance and time and memory."

Bespin shot to local acclaim after winning the Critic’s Choice Award at the 2015 NZ Music Awards. And now they’re making waves over the ditch, with Australian site The Music calling this latest effort, “another sublime dive into atmospheric dreamscapes”.

Listen to ‘East Of Her’ here: