Beeches: ‘Redline’

Beeches have released their second song ‘Redline’ and it’s a feel-good banger of a pop jam.

It somehow reminds us of the classic vibe from DJ Sammy’s cover of ‘Boys Of Summer’. Maybe that’s a bit off, but ‘Redline’ is a slow burning 80s inspired jam with all the right feels.

When the acoustic guitar comes in during verse two, it starts to gel nicely into the folky, indie-rock sound that Beeches first showed us with their debut track. It’s a tasty fusion of sounds which feels fresh, and we’d liken it to putting Neil Young, The Shins, DJ Sammy and summer ice creams into a blender.

Beeches is made up of Tauranga songwriters Luke Thompson and Alex Price, who are both working on a myriad of other projects including SHAKES and Luke Thompson.

Listen to ‘Redline’ here: