Beeches: ‘Cos I Can’

NZ duo Beeches came onto the scene unexpectedly this year, winning over international blogs with their infectious melodies and laidback style.

Their debut EP came about when longtime friends Alex Price and Luke Thompson decided to collaborate, and teamed up for a three-week songwriting stint in Alex’s home studio in Tauranga.

‘Cos I Can’ is one of the last songs to be released off the EP, and it’s a sauntering tune that celebrates wasting time and doing what you want; before the lyrics confess that the song’s protagonist is, “looking for something that can save me”.

It’s a guitar driven, lilting tune that lulls you into a false sense of security before that final admission in the bridge gives it some vulnerability.

Australian blog Happy added Beeches to their ‘5 Artists From New Zealand That We’re Digging Right Now’ list, saying ‘Cos I Can’ is an “absolute lullaby” and that, “If this two piece keep doing what they’re doing, that fan count will keep on growing.”

Listen to ‘Cos I Can’ below: