Bailey Wiley teams up with Miloux

After being on the road together on the Fly My Pretties ‘String Theory’ tour, NZ singers Bailey Wiley and Miloux have decided to team up and work on a collab track.

It’s a smart move, which will surely cast the net wider for both singers and enable them to tap into each other’s audiences.

The resulting ‘Never Ever’ is a laid back jam, featuring hammond organ and lushly layered vocals. Produced by Josh Fountain, it doesn’t sound like it’s trying too hard (or fighting to be a single) but it’s quietly assured and has some nice feels.

Bailey Wiley’s trademark neo-soul vocals blend well with Miloux’s voice, which has a slightly poppier vibe.

Wiley has collaborated with a bunch of artists over the past few years including Raiza Biza and Mr. Carmack, and she released her second album last year to strong reviews.

Miloux is newer to the scene, releasing her first 5-song EP last year.

Listen to ‘Never Ever’ here.