Avalanche City Saves Christmas

Avalanche City (aka Dave Baxter) has just brought the Christmas spirit to some Auckland high-schoolers, by signing up to perform at an event run by a senior Northcote College student.

Baxter explained on Facebook, “Last week I got an unusual request from a young guy I’d never met before... He’s enthusiastic about music and decided to put on a final show for all his fellow high school students. He booked a theatre, booked some talented young musicians to play the show and has been waiting for tickets to sell but those tickets never really sold. They’ve worked so hard for this and he was worried about it being disheartening for everyone involved. He asked me to play the show and I thought, what the heck, let’s try and save Christmas!”

The show’s organiser Matthew Goldsworthy wrote on the event’s Facebook page, “Quite often, young musicians are told to not pursue music as a career. We are told that the lifestyle and pay are not worth the risk, and that music is not a 'real' career. This night provides an opportunity for youth in our community, that are so incredibly talented, a chance to perform, compose, collaborate and share their music with others.”

The show is called ‘The Thing About Music’ and it will be held on Wednesday 13 December, at Birkdale’s Brian Gerrard Theatre. Performers include Avalanche City, along with 10 young acts including Morose, Jimmy Earle and The Skunks, and Matthew Goldsworthy.

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