Arthur Ahbez Talks Upcoming Album

After releasing his debut album ‘Gold’ four years ago, Auckland songwriter Arthur Ahbez is gearing up to release his second album, which will be titled ‘Vol II’.

He recently explained the record-making process to Mouthfull, saying, “Like with ‘Gold’, I recorded it all on an 8 track Otari tape deck in my room. I told myself after the first album I would never make another record by myself, but here we are!”

He added, “This thing was a bit of a monster to work on and it took me a few attempts to get the arrangements right. What you are essentially hearing are the final demos... I just didn't have the energy or resources to go back and do it again perfectly.”

Ahbez has been building up a reputation in Auckland’s indie scene with his 60’s inspired folk jams. He’s been busy playing shows over the past few years with his band The Flaming Ahbez, and recently opened for Julia Jacklin’s Auckland show.

‘Volume II’ is set to be released in late August/early September. It’ll initially be dropped as a limited vinyl run, followed by a digital release a few weeks later.

Read the full interview here, and watch him take the band through their paces below: