Arthur Ahbez: ‘Free As The Wind’

Auckland folk musician Arthur Ahbez has released the first single from his upcoming album ‘Volume II’, which comes out next month.

‘Free As The Wind’ was self-recorded by Ahbez on an 8-track tape machine, and it’s a 60’s acid-folk tune that’d be perfect to hear at a summer festival with a scarf wrapped round your head.

Ahbez’s voice is distinctive and convincing, as he sings about wanting to be a footloose wanderer.

He recently explained his recording process to Under The Radar, saying, “I'm not that technically skilled when it comes to recording, so my general rule of thumb is just to trust my ears. Often I'll listen back to my guitar on a demo take of a song and rack my brains trying to recreate the tone I had, with little success. Sonically, I pay a lot of attention trying to get the levels and balance right when mixing down. I like to compare what I am doing with music from the 60s to try and get a similar aesthetic.”

Ahbez is playing a string of shows around the country in October to support the album release, click here for details. Listen to ‘Free As The Wind’ here: