Anna Of The North: ‘Someone’

Anna Of The North have slowly been rising to prominence since their debut single ‘Sway’ in 2014.

The duo (featuring vocalist Anna Lotterund, and her behind-the-scenes producer Brady Daniell-Smith) have dropped a steady stream of dreamy synth pop since then, and their latest offering ‘Someone’ sees them taking things in an 80’s pop direction.

‘Someone’ is still super laidback with Lotterund’s ethereal vocals, but they’ve breathed a whole lot of new life into their sound by adding driving arpeggio bass and massive 80’s tom fills. The chorus, where she sings, “I’m only human baby, need someone to come and save me” is pop gold.

There’s also a key change at 2:45, which is just odd enough to boost the song to another level.

Lotterund co-directed the video along with Russell Crank, and it shows her laughing with strangers and chilling in a motel of many pastel colours. It’s another solid visual, that continues to show Lotterund’s makeup-free tomboy style, and overall effortless vibe.

Watch the video for ‘Someone’ here: