Ambian x Watson: 'Get More Life'

In a move rivalling a superhero blockbuster, an Artist Development alumni and a current development artist have teamed up, taken on nicknames, and cracked out a power-move.

Ex-Little Oceans member Josh Edmonds has produced the track under the name Ambian, recruiting El Jay Hall frontman Stephen Watson on vocals. It's called 'Get More Life', and its an expansive, swelling summer ballad.

"I’ve been wanting to release music as a solo producer for the past 2 years." says Edmonds of the project, "It’s taken me this long to discover what that music might sound like."

"Ambian is cinematic. I imagine every new song I write as a movie trailer. It’s cool cars driving into sunsets, it’s helicopters in slow motion, it’s dust particles floating through a beam of neon light.""

"I’ve written and produced a few songs with El Jay Hall which is how I met Stephen. We both wanted to write EDM - I can make the beats, he has the voice. We started writing together regularly in my studio and realised our styles complimented each other quite well."

"We wrote 'Get More Life' to remind ourselves to stay surrounded by those who lift each other up."

Check out the track below, and follow Ambian on Spotify and Facebook.