A.C. Freazy: ‘Creeping In’

After playing in a wide range of local bands, Auckland’s busiest drummer Alex Freer has finally put out music of his own under the moniker ‘A.C. Freazy’.

Freer first burst onto the scene drumming in Artisan Guns, and he has since played for a range of noteworthy bands including Tiny Ruins, Bespin, and Clap Clap Riot.

The first song from his brand new solo project is an 80’s inspired pop jam, that’s pretty damn infectious. ‘Creeping In’ features shimmering vintage synths, programmed drum hits and some tasty flanged guitars. There are also some delightful arpeggios, and his vocals are ace - who knew?

‘Creeping In’ was mixed by Shannon Fowler (Tom Lark), and mastered by Djeisan Suskov (Leisure). We like this, it’s just catchy enough, and the chorus really worms into your brain.

Have a listen to ‘Creeping In’ here: