Each year, we work closely with a group of upcoming artists, helping them with every aspect of their burgeoning career. From photoshoots to social media, songwriting sessions to mentoring, we help them get a holistic start to their journey as an artist – because it’s a long road, and it’s always nice to have some company. 

Our Artist Development programme offers a year-long plan specifically tailored for each artist, including:

  • Individual tutoring 
  • Collaborative songwriting sessions with industry professionals
  • Demo/EP recording and release
  • Protools, Ableton and Logic workshops
  • Weekend bootcamps covering songwriting, vocational theology and music industry overview
  • Full use of a project recording studio
  • Photoshoots, styling and creative branding
  • Industry event attendance

Please note: This programme is only available to New Zealand residents

Artists in Development



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