We are a creative community of Christians striving to be influencers within the world. We believe in a faith that transcends subculture and art that translates hope to anyone who will listen.

We love music because we believe in the life-changing power of the song. We believe musicians are influencers of pop culture and we strive to work alongside them, helping them to develop and reach their full potential.

Our mission is to help Christian Musicians shift pop culture.

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What is Pop Culture?

The Team

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Parachute Festival

After 24 amazing years, we’ve said a fond farewell to New Zealand’s longest running music festival.

Artists in Development

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Parachute Studios

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Parachute Band

The Parachute Band is currently on hiatus – watch this space for future projects. Click here to find out more about the Parachute Band.


We draw from over 25 years of experience to provide training and upskilling for musicians – from full conferences to one-on-one mentoring sessions. Stay tuned for more Noise events in the coming months.


It was in 2006 that Parachute founders Mark and Chris de Jong first visited Rwanda. On this trip, they encountered World Vision’s development project in Tubehoneza, a community in the nation’s capital city Kigali.

Since then, Parachute Music has worked with World Vision to help raise money for Tubehoneza. More than 45,000 people live in the impoverished community with few resources. Child-headed families lead a generation of orphans created by the 1994 genocide. World Vision’s active presence is now bringing hope to this community, offering much-needed practical help.

Parachute has made a long-term commitment to Tubehoneza. Over the last six Parachute Festivals, our punters have donated $303,000 to the community and more than 1,900 of its children have been sponsored at our events. This amazing generosity has built five water tanks, three classrooms and a maternity unit for the people of Tubehoneza.

A new health centre was opened in August 2011, funded by money raised at previous festivals. This centre has seen increased access to healthcare and the transformation of hundreds of lives.

$26,000  was donated to Tubehoneza at Parachute 2013, going towards essential equipment for the village’s new medical centre, including:

  • A neonatal heat lamp for premature or stressed babies.
  • A generator to help the maternity unit cope with regular power blackouts.
  • A laboratory drier for blood testing.

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